PennHIP Screening in Bend

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Pennhip Screening Dog
Canine hip dysplasia is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease and can lead to hip arthritis, which is painful and has no medical or surgical cure at this time. Thankfully, we now have a research-based hip screening procedure called PennHIP, which has been proven to be the most accurate method to measure hip laxity! This screening can be done for dogs as early as 16-weeks of age by a PennHIP trained veterinarian (Dr. Puccetti!) by taking a series of three x-rays and using a custom distraction device. Early detection, early prevention and early intervention of canine hip dysplasia are all critical to helping your pet maintain a high quality of life. Whether your dog is a family pet, a breeding dog or a working dog, the PennHIP screening is an invaluable tool to understand and proactively manage their health and well-being.