Digatherm in Bend

Learn more about our digatherm below.


We are excited to be now offering digital thermal imaging for our patients. Digatherm is a non-invasive tool available to help with the early detection of problem areas your pet may be experiencing. Digital thermal imaging measures radiated energy from a pet’s skin. Differences in radiated energy can indicate problems in your pet’s body.

Thermal imaging provides a visual representation of the surface body temperature of a pet and provides physiological information about what is going on below the surface. The images provide clear, objective information. Increased temperature may suggest inflammation, infection, or malignancy. Decreased temperatures may indicate neurological dysfunction or atrophy.

Obtaining digital thermal imaging is a non-invasive and non-painful process; it can be done during your pet’s next exam with a few clicks of a button by our experienced team. Once images are obtained and reviewed by our veterinarians, a therapeutic plan can be created to address your pet’s specific needs. Digatherm imaging can be utilized frequently by providing a visual tool to monitor progress if a problem area is detected.